When Sex becomes boring activity

“I have to be fast about this before we both lose our passion.”

That statement was made to me by someone about his romantic life with his partner.He has always been with the knowledge that romantic life between two individuals dies very quickly, due to this condition, it is better to have sex as many times as possible. If you miss the chance of an early sex experience, things won’t get better in the future.

I’m often told by single guys of how tired they are of their sexual routine. Sex can be easily gotten, but not satisfying at all times.

They often find themselves in a track, expecting more enjoyment than they already do.

Sex like feelings has become a duty that can cost you on how you fill with yourself. If you find yourself in a relationship, what makes you fill like you’re with the wrong guy is a predictable sex life like a sitcom rerun.

Ruts are boring, the juice can be drained out with anything: your diet, your job, and your relationships.


People are addicted to habits, either we’re talking lovemaking or grocery shopping. Habits are somehow not bad if they work accordingly. One problem is, routines can become addictive.

We always want a little change in the mixture, adding some jalapeno pepper into the same old dish. Thinking of how things can be changed?

Starting with yourself will be a perfect decision. How is it like when you’re alone and feeling sexual? A good number of us have used the same methods of pleasuring ourselves since we became adults. Bring out the lube, turn the VCR on, feel yourself for about 5 minutes, clean up yourself with a towel and turn the lights off for the evening. Talk about ruts! How does it feel when you take your time and really experience the feeling of your body? To use your hands over the furry and the smooth paces, etc. or to stand on your feet, turn the music on and feel yourself as you move and dance.While going on, you might notice your eyes glazing the moment you hear ‘’now what are you up to?’’ for words used by men like ‘’top’’ or ‘’bottom’’ can sometimes be like straightjackets, stopping sex for an anticipated routine.


Why don’t you mix it up? Whether relating, tricking or dating, a vast number of us have come to the conclusion that an example of a good lover takes charge of his pleasure. This is literally a little ambitious. How will you know what makes him feel better, most especially if he hasn’t told you? ‘’I’m subjected to his pleasure’’ leads to failure. Make an effort to replace that with ‘’I’m subjected to my own pleasure and being here with my partner.’’

One big problem most men have when they involved in a relationship is they ask for unconditional love from their partners, and love of that sort can be less sexy. This can cause the affection that grows over time to turn the other guy have a family feeling, and sex with a family member will feel incestuous on a senseless level. Maintaining a sexy relationship means smashing that taboo.

Times with your lover or someone you share romantic feelings with can be the ideal time to play the ‘’my turn/ your turn game’’ this is how it goes, use your turn and order your partner to lay down undressed as you explore every part of his body. (It is agreat idea for some conversations to know what are his likes and dislikes.)

Explore and touch different parts of his body, using your hands, fingernails, lips, and fingertips. Try changing the pressure sometimes from light to more forceful. It should be playful, think of how your eyes looking so devilish while asking him ‘’which of these feels better, A or B?” try learning the type of touch that doesn’t work for him, what turn him on, what’s pleasurable for him. When you’re done with him, it’s time for him to work on you while it’s your turn to welcome what he has.

The game’s objective is for each guy know more on what touch is more pleasurable to receive. And to educate each of them on how others should be touched.

Don’t let your romantic life get boring. A man can put-in his life time researching about the view of his own likes and thinking of making a good lover. Turn the TV off and checkout what happens.

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