Is sex really important in a marriage?

Marriage Is About Sex, Right?

The primary purpose of marriage for most people is, of course, sex – legalised, safe and uninhibited by guilt or shame. While men see it as the icing on the wedding cake, women see it as the culmination of all their expectations – a life partner, physical desires, babies, etc. So, how important is sex in a marriage?

After The Honeymoon

However, marriage counsellors agree that when the honeymoon period gets over, in reality, couples argue so much about sex that it begins to look as if they are better off without it. So, let’s find out how necessary is sex for a happy marriage and why…

A lot of couples begin to experience sexual problems surfacing in their relationship. Sometimes, he wants more sex and she doesn’t. While he needs sex to feel close, for her, snuggling and cuddling seems enough. She believes in foreplay and connecting mentally, but for him, sex is just sex.

At the end of the day, she doesn’t see why sex is so important to him, anyway. There are so many other things they do together as a couple that makes their relationship great that sex shouldn’t be as much of a priority. Of course, after a while, she begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her for not wanting sex and he also begins to wonder if something’s wrong with him for wanting sex as much as he does.

As the days go by, the couple grows more frustrated and distant. They manage without sex, or end up having bad sex, but great sex seems a distant memory.

As one nears the seventh (not to be taken literally) anniversary, the “seven year itch” becomes a reality, and one starts looking for excitement outside the marriage – in the form of many girlfriends or boyfriends, lots of touching people other than your spouse, cheating big-time, and what not.

Before your marriage breaks down for the previous reasons, marriage counsellors advice that you veer back to the root of the problem.

You guessed right – sex!

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